Oder Problems


If any challenge in the IAQ field requires a detective, this is it. Odors can come from anywhere and finding them can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.

How Do We Do It?

Successful odor investigation often requires the use of several skill sets...
We use our understanding of the building sciences, appropriate detection tools and experience combined with information from you, the client, to hone in on the most likely source of the problem.

Does It Require Air Testing?

It depends. Sometimes measuring certain components in the air such as VOCs...
or combustion gases with portable equipment will lead us to the source. Other times, the odor isn’t from a point source and other methods are employed. (See some examples in our case studies section)

Can Odors Be Documented For Legal Purposes?

Sometimes. If a known material is suspected as the source of the odor...
air samples can be analyzed to see if the molecular compounds in the air match what’s in the suspected material. It’s complicated, so call us for a free discussion of what’s involved.

What Does It Cost?

As you might imagine, it can vary a lot...
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