Microscopy Services

Microscopy Services

Part of the specialized attention we give our clients utilizes the awesome power of the microscope.


As the oft quoted phrase ” A picture is worth a thousand words” implies, a photo can communicate much. We use the microscope as an investigative tool. With it, we can often identify contaminates such as mold, allergens, soot, dust mites and more.


Sometimes the reverse— finding “nothing” can be of value, bringing peace of mind.


“Seeing is believing” is another phrase that helps when it comes to documenting. Having an image of the “culprit” pollutant or contaminate can be very compelling evidence.

What We Do

We routinely take tape lift samples to examine under the lens of the microscope...
and are able to store the images on the computer. Our standard report includes these images to help our clients “see” the problem or to provide documentation.

What Does It Cost?

Our standard fee for microscopy is $30 per sample.
Give us a call if you are interested in Donaldson Environmental’s Microscopy Services 508-360-3700.

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