LEED 3.2 Pre Occupancy Air Quality Testing

LEED 3.2 Pre Occupancy Air Quality Testing

Donaldson Environmental provides baseline IAQ testing services to help clients obtain LEED points in their efforts to achieve Silver, Gold and Platinum Certification for new construction (NC) or existing buildings (EB).


We use testing protocols consistent with the EPA compendium of methods for the determination of air pollutants in indoor air and as detailed in the LEED reference guide for green building design and construction, 2009 edition.

The LEED 3.2 testing requires sampling for the following:

Contaminate Maximum Concentration

*This test only required if carpets and fabrics with styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) latex backing are installed as part of the base building systems.

Donaldson Environmental Will Provide Help

We provide help for the following:
  • Determining the number of locations that need to be sampled
  • Doing a pre-sampling survey to determine existing contaminate levels
  • Scheduling sampling
  • Timely results turn around


Quotes are compose of three elements.
  1. Price per location fee– covers lab services
  2. Professional services fee– covers my time
  3. Pre-sampling survey fee– covers portable instrument pre testing if desired

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