Air Quality Testing

Air Quality Testing

Air quality testing assessments are useful for residential homes and commercial properties alike. Although the focus of attention may differ depending on the type and use of the building, the process and principles used are the same.

How We Do An Air Quality Assessment?

An important part of the investigation is asking questions...
This is done to obtain first hand information about the indoor environment, history of the building and any symptoms occupants may be experiencing.

Next, a thorough visual inspection of the building on both the inside and outside is conducted. The experienced eye of a trained investigator will often pick up on things that affect air quality.

Testing The Air

Additional information is gathered using instruments that measure things such as air temperature...
humidity, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, surface temperatures, particulate levels, VOC levels and moisture content of building materials. These are referred to as indicator measurements. Samples may also be taken for further analysis to verify what may be suspected as the problem or to get more detailed information.

What Does The Report Contain?

The report provides results and conclusions about the situation...
and probably most important for the client, includes recommendations to rectify any problems and how to prevent them from reoccurring.

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